Time At Home Specializes in Caring Wrapped With Dignity

Time At Home, Inc. is a locally owned and operated in-home care service for residents of the Kokomo area and the Northside of Indianapolis. We help you, or a loved one, maintain independence and keep peace of mind. We take the load-off by assisting with many everyday tasks, such as meal preparation, general cleaning, errands, doctor appointments, and much more! And possibly the most important, someone to talk to. Our trained and experienced staff will be there when you need them, day or night, so don’t hesitate to call. Enjoy more time with your loved one and give them more Time At Home!

Time At Home, Inc.


There’s no long-term contract with Time At Home, Inc. Use our services for only as long as you need and with 100% satisfaction.  Serving the Northside of Indianapolis and throughout the Kokomo area.

Time At Home living assistance allows you or your loved ones to be independent while remaining in comfortable and familiar surroundings.  It allows for you or your loved ones to feel safe and cared for without being in a strange place.

It is of course hard for anyone to have strangers come into their home.  It needs to be a blending of personalities and needs.  We will answer all of your questions on a free home assessment to reassure you and your loved one that we will provide quality care.

Most Home Care is planned, and families are able to take the time to research and evaluate the many solutions that are available.  However, in the case where a faster response is needed, Time At Home will respond as quickly as we can in case of emergency or late day discharge.  We can provide in hospital assistance, assisted living facility bedside care, care in a family members home or many other situations.