Our Staff

Time At Home Living Assistance is owned and operated by Lori Fetters.  She attended Purdue University and received her Bachelors degree.  She then added an MBA (with a concentration in Human Resources) from Indiana University.  She has been actively involved in her community in various volunteer positions. She is a member of: Society for Human Resource Management, Indianapolis Society for Human Resource Management.

This is a family owned business, we have not only sympathy, as you and your loved ones go through various decisions, but empathy.  

Lori came from a very large family (her Mom was from a family of 15). There were over 100 people at family holidays as Lori grew up. Her recollections from childhood on were of going to family members houses whenever there was to be a wedding, funeral, or graduation. Everyone would show up and clean the house, mow the lawn, plant flowers, trim trees, and cook food, anything that needed to be done. When everyone showed up there were many willing hands, and the chores took on a comradery and were accomplished in a day or so. She has retained that experience and applied it to her adult life. Whenever any friends need anything, she is going to be one of the first to show up. As such she is very organized, detailed and above all can look at a situation and quickly assess how Time At Home Living Assistance can be of the most help.

Time At Home Living Assistance also is very grateful to have Chrystal Ziliotto as the Director of Scheduling. Chrystal and Lori have been business partners for almost 15 years. They have a work pattern and flow that helps them accomplish work in a quick and efficient manner.

Time At Home Living Assistance also is very grateful to have Chrystal Ziliotto as the Operations Director.

Our Staff is committed to being an active and involved contributor to the Community. Some of the Organizations they have been involved are:

  • INSOURCE- Special Education Advocate
  • CASA - Court Appointed Special Advocate
  • 4-H – Leadership roles
  • Committee membership on fundraising for Community Howard Hospital


Is your Personal and Medical information safe and secure?

Time At Home Living Assistance uses providers that are HIPPA compliant, and also have encrypted email to protect our Clients privacy.

How am I billed and how do I pay?

Time At Home, Inc. bills on a weekly basis. We accept checks, cash or Credit Cards. We offer a secure login portal that Clients or their responsible party can pay thru. The bill can be divided among family members and paid individually online. ALL PAYMENTS are to be made through the Main Office or thru the login portal.

What kind of screening do you do on your Caregivers?

Time At Home, Inc. performs rigorous screening, such as drug testing, searching sex offender registry, criminal and driving records to find the best, most reliable and compassionate Caregivers. This is done not only State wide but Nationally. 

What training do your Caregivers receive?

Our employees receive continual training to best serve our Clients.  We have scheduled training as well as brochures and training documents that are provided for all Caregivers.  Each Caregiver is individually tested to ensure their knowledge and expertise in providing the best of care for Clients.